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Ways to Support Someone Who Is Grieving

Ways to Support Someone Who Is Grieving

Losing a loved one doesn’t just disrupt a person’s life, it changes it forever. When you know of someone experiencing the death of a loved one, it may be hard to find what to say or how to offer comfort and support. This is especially true if you have not yet gone through the loss of a loved one yourself. A homecare in Ohio can offer services that help people who are grieving from the loss of a loved one.

There are various ways to support someone who is going through this difficult experience. Here are some tips from our after life care in Compassionate Home Care Services LLC, a non-medical home care in Independence, Ohio:

  • Be a good listener.
    Sometimes the best thing you can offer to someone who is grieving is to listen. Assure the person that it is okay to talk about his or her feelings. Although you cannot erase the pain of the bereaved person’s loss, you can provide a great deal of comfort by being there to listen.
  • Offer words that touch the heart.
    Simple words are often the best. For example, say: “I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m here if you need someone.” No matter how unsure you may feel about the support you are offering, what matters most is that you are genuinely concerned and want to help. The grieving person will likely appreciate your sincere efforts to be supportive.
  • Try not to give pieces of advice.
    It is best to avoid making suggestions about what the bereaved person should or shouldn’t do. Such advice is usually well-meant, but it may make the bereaved person feel worse. Instead, let the person know that you recognize how great his or her loss is.

If you know someone who is grieving and needs the support of our after life carers, please don’t hesitate to refer our healthcare in Ohio. Help us give hope to people who are struggling with their loss.

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