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Things to Prepare Before End-Of-Life


They say you only live once. But you only die once too. There is no take-two, and there is no coming back. So you might want to prepare the things you need before your graceful exit.

Being open-minded about death, even when it is not yet coming, will allow you to take care of things you need to accomplish and make wise decisions – no hassle on your part, as well as for your family.

And speaking of taking care of things, here are some of the tasks you might want to accomplish now:

  • Financial Matters
    List and transfer physical and intangible assets, settle debts and liabilities, and list memberships for insurance collection. And create a last will and transfer on death designation.
  • Corporate Matters
    Designate who will take over the company, start with changes and transitions, and give final instructions.
  • Medical and End-of-life Matters
    Sign a waiver for a do not resuscitate order, get palliative healthcare in Ohio, choose cremation or burial, and inform the family of death claims and insurance.
  • Custody
    Assign guardianship and custody of minor grandchildren without parents or a child with disabilities.
  • Pets
    Decide whether they go to a pet shelter or with a family member.

Your peace of mind is essential while aging, and you deserve care before and after your life. Settle things while you have time, and enjoy life to its fullest.

We can provide support and non-medical home care in Beachwood, Ohio, for your loved ones, too – just like how we excellently did for you while you were spending your golden years.

Compassionate Home Care Services LLC always aims for blissful aging for its clients. Should you or a loved one need homecare in Ohio, you can always rely on our team.

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