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Simple Medication Organization Tips for Seniors


When age and lifestyle become risk factors, communicating with your doctor is always the best prevention. Thus, when the time comes that you do receive prescriptions, organizing them is the key to managing your wellness properly.

Compassionate Home Care Services LLC is non-medical home care in Beachwood, Ohio, that provides high-quality care and assistance for seniors in need of extra help at home. From house chores to personal health care, our care team is equipped and skilled to meet your needs.

Part of our healthcare in Ohio is medication reminders. Taking your medications on time is essential for continuity of care. However, try as we might, we sometimes still forget to take our medications. Did you know that missing just one dose can seem harmless but it could affect your medication therapy plan?

As such, we would like to share some tips on how you can organize your medications to increase efficiency.

  • Declutter

    Get rid of expired medicines:

    • Prescription medicines – remove all identification
    • Tablets/capsules – Crush tablets in soapy water and dissolve. Pour the mixture into a sealed bag and throw it in the garbage.
    • Liquid medicine – If you have more than 250ml of medication, pour it on an absorbent material such as paper before throwing it away.
  • Categorize medicines

    Separate vitamins & supplements from prescription medicines and first aid. If your loved one is taking prescription drugs, store all of their medication in one place. Investing in a pillbox can help them take their medicines on time. Pharmacies also provide customized packaging for prescriptions.

  • Utilize clear boxes

    Clear boxes make it easier to identify the contents inside. Adding labels also helps. You can find medicine organizers in most stores near you.

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