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Reducing the Risk of Falls in Seniors


Senior individuals are some of the most common victims of falls. This is because most senior individuals have poor eyesight, poor balance, weak muscles, stiff joints, and weak coordination. That is why the majority of seniors need assistance from a caregiver in order to move around their homes safely.

Aging may increase your loved one’s risk of falling, but thankfully, falls can be prevented. As a high-quality provider of homecare in Ohio, we will gladly share with you some useful tips to help reduce your senior loved one’s risk of falls:

  • Keep your loved one’s home clean.

    There shouldn’t be any tripping hazards or clutter on the floor. Always keep belongings tidy and organized to avoid tripping over them. Additionally, your necessities should be kept in cabinets or shelves that are easy to reach.

  • Encourage your loved one to perform regular physical activity.

    Physical activity or exercise is critical in enhancing your loved one’s coordination, balance, and joint flexibility.

  • Get their eyes checked.

    Make sure that your loved one has a good vision. The better they can see their surroundings, the better they will be able to navigate through them.

  • Install anti-slip rubber mats in the bathroom.

    This will help prevent your loved one from slipping when they are using the bathroom.

Compassionate Home Care Services LLC is a high-quality provider of non-medical home care in Independence, Ohio. We will be more than happy to provide care to your loved ones if they need it.

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