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Important Things to Note About the COVID-19 Vaccine

Important Things to Note About the COVID-19 Vaccine

Finally, after more than a year of quarantine and battling a global pandemic, several vaccines are now ready to be administered. Every nation already contracted vaccine supplies to protect its citizens from the spread of COVID-19. However, even with this milestone, aging adults and those with existing illnesses still need to put their guard up.

If you and your family are getting vaccinated anytime soon, here is some important information you need to remember.

  • Expect side effects.
    Every vaccine has one. Since bodies react differently to it, you may experience a range of symptoms. However, the most common ones are fever and body pains. It is not a reason to worry, especially if you are constantly in touch with your physician.
  • Seniors are prioritized.
    Healthcare in Ohio puts the elderly on the vaccine priority list. The guidance of a doctor is required before and after vaccination.
  • It’s a vaccine, not a cure.
    When you get vaccinated, your body is stimulated to fight pathogens. This results in a strengthened immune system ready to protect you from the COVID-19 virus. However, there’s no room to be complacent because the vaccine is not a cure.

Compassionate Home Care Services LLC is a leading provider of non-medical home care in Independence, Ohio, and we advocate for safety against COVID-19. We created this reminder to help people understand the vaccination process.

We welcome questions regarding homecare in Ohio and other senior health concerns. Feel free to reach out to us.

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