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How to Prepare to Age in Place

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According to census projections for 2020, the senior population in Ohio will outnumber those aged below 20. Although Ohio is not one of the fastest aging states, the demand for elderly care still continues to rise. This also hints the need to invest more on healthcare in Ohio.

More and more people prefer to stay at home as they get older. This is called ‘aging in place.’ This proves the increasing number of providers of homecare in Ohio. In this article, we will share some tips based on studies on how to age well at home:

  • Have a Purpose in Life

    A 2017 Harvard study suggested that having a purpose in life contributes to someone’s physical functions as they age. Researchers gathered their data from 2006 to 2010 from 4,500 subjects. They found out that those individuals who reported to have a particular purpose in life had enhanced grip strength and walking speed — two major indicators of physical strength while aging.

  • Plan Ahead

    An article published on the National Institute on Aging says that looking out for possible illnesses you may have is one way to start the planning. Talk to your doctor about any health factors you may face as you age in place. Look for a reliable provider of non-medical home care in Independence, Ohio to better help you stay at home while aging.

  • Encourage Parents to Avoid Filial Piety

    Back-and-forth communication plays a very important role in maintaining a healthy relationship between parents and their children. However, an Oxford study shows that many Asian countries still practice the traditional filial piety, a form of authoritarian parenting. The research says that although filial piety leads to communication gaps, it still holds a significant cultural value among Asian nations. Communication gap makes someone more susceptible to isolation and depression, two unhealthy factors in aging.

To age in place healthily, consider in-home services from Compassionate Home Care Services LLC. Reach us out to learn more about our home care services.

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