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Health Benefits of Breathing Exercises for Older Adults

Health Benefits of Breathing Exercises for Older Adults

Did you know that working on your breath can have unimaginable benefits to your overall physical health? With that in mind, older adults, especially those who are receiving non-medical home care in Independence, Ohio, should consider learning breathing exercises and incorporating that into their daily routine.

What exactly are the benefits that older adults can enjoy when they practice breathing exercises daily? Here are some of those benefits that are worth sharing:

  • Improved brain functions
    More specifically, breathing exercises can improve your attention and focus. If an older adult is more attentive, then they’d be able to avoid accidents such as falls.
  • Reduced pain
    Some seniors receiving healthcare in Ohio suffer from chronic pain because their body’s blood flow is restricted. Breathing exercises can promote circulation, which significantly reduces pain. With breathing exercises, a senior can ensure healthy blood flow.
  • Improved sleep
    Seniors must get enough sleep to stay healthy. Of course, the quality of sleep matters too. Breathing exercises can promote oxygen delivery in the body, which relieves tension and stress. Consequently, this will then promote better sleep at night.

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