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Knowing the Basics of Cataracts

With aging comes bodily changes, one of which is vision. Age-related vision changes may include not able to see things clearly when they’re near. Another common age-related vision problem is cataracts. Leading providers of homecare in Ohio know this all too well. Cataracts are a clouding of the eye’s lens, wherein the person feels like … Continue reading

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Addressing Nutrient Deficiency in Older Adults

Eating a healthy, balanced meal is essential for people of all ages. We need to meet our nutritional requirements in order to do our activities and keep our minds healthy. However, aging can come with complications that affect our nutrient intake. On the bright side, it’s something providers of home care in Ohio can address. … Continue reading

Important Things to Note About the COVID-19 Vaccine

Finally, after more than a year of quarantine and battling a global pandemic, several vaccines are now ready to be administered. Every nation already contracted vaccine supplies to protect its citizens from the spread of COVID-19. However, even with this milestone, aging adults and those with existing illnesses still need to put their guard up. … Continue reading

Nutritional Tips for Better Bone Health

The bones will gradually weaken as you age. If you want to maintain stronger bones to support your frame, one thing you can do is to exercise and receive quality non-medical home care in Independence, Ohio. Another is to ensure that your body is receiving the right nutrition necessary for healthy bones. Here are some … Continue reading

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Health Benefits of Breathing Exercises for Older Adults

Did you know that working on your breath can have unimaginable benefits to your overall physical health? With that in mind, older adults, especially those who are receiving non-medical home care in Independence, Ohio, should consider learning breathing exercises and incorporating that into their daily routine. What exactly are the benefits that older adults can … Continue reading

Qualities of a Reliable Caregiver You Must Consider

It is undeniable that taking care of a senior parent can be a demanding and exhausting task, especially for people who try to juggle their personal and professional life on top of their caregiving duties. When caring for your loved one becomes a burden, then it’s time for you to reconsider your senior care options. … Continue reading